Monday, 18 June 2012

My personal experience with Aloe Vera

In my country Kenya a variety of Aloes  grow in the wild. The folks here may not know the scientific names of the different Aloes, but they know which ones have healing properties and how to use them. My first experience with Aloe Vera that I vividly remember was when I was around 10years, on a Christmas day. I seen my  folk mix it in contortions and give it to cows and chickens when they got sick, but had not personally tasted it. In this particular day my stomach went upset following over indulgence the delicacies of the day (especially barbequed meat popular known as Nyama Choma). They fetched an Aloe leave for me made me to drink some Gel from it  squeezed in to my mouth. This is the most bitter thing I had  ever tasted in my life. I could not bear to swallow twice, but you know what,  in few hours I was okay, thanks to the bitter herb.

During pregnancy it is normal for the belly skin to stretch and itch which is quite annoying and it was no different for me. I met this guy who was trying to sell a homemade lotion he had made using Aloe Vera and he insisted I try his product. Well, I always like to encourage people who are trying to do something innovative and I though well let me encourage him by buying one bottle lotion. I wish I bought two because the lotion I turned  to be the big blessing me. Every time I massaged myself with the lotion it soothed my itching made my skin feel and look supple. I never developed any stretch marks from the pregnancy. Unfortunately I lost the contact of the guy and could not find him again to get another bottle. But I am forever grateful to him.
Due to the warm experiences I had with Aloe Vera since childhood it was not difficult for me to decide drinking the Aloe Vera Gel from Forever Living Products especially after checking out that it is approved by the International Aloe Science Council. I take it everyday and I feel great, more energy, better bowel movement, more concentration and believe it or not! Reduced appetite for sugar, carbs and fats which has done a great deal of good to my waistline. I love it! Do not take my word for it try it yourself and feel it. Here is where to get it.

 Hey! I must not forget to tell one other experience, a few days ago my four and three quarter year old son had a bad stomach from school. I was not home but the dad had was taking care of him. When I came home I found the boy had vomited everything he ate during the day and had spent the better part of the day wallowing in discomfort. I thought maybe the Aloe Gel in my fridge could help. I remembered my friend had recommended to my another friend whose newborn baby was crying all night from colic, to give the baby just a small amount (1 tea spoon) of Aloe Vera Juice to the baby. The friend reported good news in the morning that the colic was gone and for the first time since her baby delivery she was aby to get some sleep in the night. So I gave my 20 ml of Aloe Vera Gel (the measurement were my own approximation and prescription) and guess what it worked he got well and woke the following morning as active as before.

Certification link
What I am telling you is my own experience not professional advice. Just things I have found along my way in life and that work for me. Note it may not work in your case like for me but how can you know if you do not try. Try reading and researching about Aloe Vera and see if it will help you decide to use it or not. If you do decide write to me or go here to get it.

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