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How I take care of my face

Your face is your interface with the world. You want to send to the world the best about yourself. people form opinion about you based on what is written on your face. It is of your interest to take care of the face skin and bring out its best. I am a firm believer that we all have good skin. I agree your skin may have issues here and there, now and then, but with proper care it will do alright. General health of your body reflects on the skin and so the first and most important care for your skin is a (i) balanced diet which includes all vital elements that the body needs especially vitamins and minerals. (ii) water - recommended water intake is about 2 litres per day for an adult, so keep that glass on sight; (iii) sleep - rejuvenates your whole body. (iv) hygiene - avoid clogging pores and ensure you regularly clean it (iii) pampering - being gentle and loving to your skin (iv) nourishment with good nutrients (see what is in your beauty product).

My daily face care regime entails four steps that I have found to give me great results (a young, healthy and beautiful looking skin):
1. Cleansing: The reason why you want to cleanse your skin using a good cleanser is so to remove make-up (if you use it), dirt and impurities and to keep the skin blemish free.  You need to cleanse twice a day morning and evening.
 (a) Morning cleansing: Remove any sweat, oily build-up, dead skin cells, and pillow grunge from the night before. It is essential to wash your face because most treatment products penetrate the best when applied to clean, bare skin.
 (b) Night Cleansing: Will give you a fresh palette for makeup application the next day.  Night cleansing is very important because it removes make up, sunscreen, pollution, and other grime you’ve accumulated from the day,  so your skin can “breathe” and stay fresh while you sleep.
How do you cleanse?
3-steps process (a) apply the cleanser to your fingertips of both hands and rub together; (b) massage cleanser all over face and neck; (c) wipe off the cleanser with a cotton bud or pad and rinse the face thoroughly with warm water (avoid hot water it dries the skin). Be careful not to scrub. While Gently Cleansing is recommended even for those on Acne and Rosacea treatment. Scrubbing the skin worsen acne, as it can remove skin lipids and can increase irritation.
What kind of cleanser should you use? A non-irritating, pH balanced cleanser is best. To decrease inflammation avoid harsh cleansers, alkaline bar soaps and alcohol-based products, these may worsen irritation on your skin. Cleansing products with mild surfactants can remove surface oil and dirt without compromising the skin’s barrier function. It is important to thoroughly rinse cleansers from the skin because the residue can be irritating.
My favorite cleanser:
Sonya Purifying Aloe Cleanser is a remarkable, gentle cleanser with aloe and fruit extracts is designed to gently remove makeup and debris without over drying. It leaves my face feeling wonderfully soft, fresh and clean each I use it.
Treatments targets ‘certain conditions’ that your skin may suffer. If you got acne, then you’ll want to include a BHA or other acne treatment of some sort. If wrinkles and Fine lines, you may want to include Vitamin C products or retinoid. Treatment should be the first thing applied to clean skin in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. Even though I do not have issues that need special treatment on my face I always apply one cream AloeVera Gelly just to feed my skin with the goodness of this product and to sooth my skin. I like this product because in combination with drinking of Aloe Vera Gel, eczema that affected my leg for more than 3 years is now clear. Hairdressers use the Aloe Vera Gelly around the hair line before perming and coloring.
3. Moisturize
Why is Moisturizing your skin important? Skin need moisture and moisturizers are meant to seal in your skin’s natural moisture, to adds extra hydration so your skin can function at its best, to reduce discomfort and effects of dryness or taut skin and to form additional layer of protection against everyday wear and tear.
I use the the Aloe Nourishing Serum to moisturize my skin and I just love it. It gives me a smooth and a lovely feeling that no other product I used before gave.
Skin also need protection from UVA and UVB rays from the sun. You always need to have it before you set out for that holiday or a day in the beach or park. Did you know sunscreen is also important during winter because the rays of sun are as harmful to skin in winter just like in the summer. I recommend Aloe Sunscreen spray. It is water resistant, effective and easy to carry .
You can find these product here.

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